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UpDown Drone uses modern drone technology to capture your vision with unique photographs and videos. We offer exceptional drone photography and videography services to cities surrounding Salem, OR – including Portland, Newport, and Mount Hood.

From Nature

From Nature

To Nitro

To Nitro


UpDown Drone ocean front photography, capturing beautiful moments from all angles


Drone photos capture a new perspective on any subject. From race cars to weddings, from real estate to ocean waves, even pet photography; you can work with UpDown Drone to see things from a new and different altitude.

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Race car speeds through image, UpDown Drone videography capturing moments in motion


Videography captures a moment in motion and provides depth to what would otherwise be a flat image. Here at UpDown Drone, we take sweeping videos, capturing or creating dramatic instances, and preserving your special occasion.

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UpDown Drone's overhead image of yellow race car, UpDown Drone is happy to share their drone flying capabilities

Support Services

We are happy to share our drone flying capabilities with photographers, videographers, and filmmakers – complimenting your business and allowing you to capture your work from the singular angle that only a drone can provide.

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About Up Down Drone

Frank Hagen is the owner/operator of UpDown Drone.

Since childhood, Frank has been interested in new technology and photography. Born and raised in Oregon, Frank has traveled to all corners of Oregon and enjoys seeing this beautiful state from a new perspective. He left Oregon for three years to serve in the US Army, then returned and worked in law enforcement for over thirty years. During this time, he explored innovative technologies, provided photography and videography for a variety of gatherings, and learned all of the ins and outs of flying drones. Recently, he has completed drone photography and videography projects at Microsoft and the Woodburn Drag Strip, and has become the exclusive drone flyer for the Drag Strip.

With his law enforcement background, Frank enjoys keeping up with the continually evolving drone regulations, rules, laws, and technology. He takes the time to make sure every aspect of UpDown Drone is done right, from carrying proper insurance liability to researching and following all local rules and laws at every location, to making sure he gets that perfect shot during drone flight.

Our mission is providing you with unique access to innovative technology, with superior service and integrity. Let us know how we can give you a unique perspective with drone photography and videography.

Our Services


We at UpDown Drone are proud to share our expertise with the racers of Woodburn Drag Strip. Take advantage of our many services to create a race weekend that is all about you, purchase unique shots of your race car, video the action, and more. One exciting service we provide is access to DJI goggles, which allows you to get a realtime drone’s view look at the drag strip.

Get a drone’s eye view of the Woodburn Drag Strip with our photography, videography, and real-time displays. You can purchase past images or hire us for a specific upcoming race event, just click below or contact us today!

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Capture The Perfect Shot

Drones can take amazing photographs from unique perspectives. This technology provides detailed shots of your wedding, event, real estate, race car, and more from above – giving you dramatic views that you cannot get any other way.

UpDown Drone takes care of everything, from local licensing and filing of flight plans to event photography to editing, development, and providing images. We look forward to sharing your vision through our drone photography.

Pricing is dependent upon your needs and location. Please click here for a free estimate.

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Utilize Our Videography Services

Drone videography can be utilized both personally and professionally on social media, to preserve special moments for your own records, and to share an event with friends and family. We provide drone video services to individuals and businesses throughout the Salem OR area.

An additional and very unique aspect of drone videography is the use of live, real-time links – allowing you or your friends to view the event from a drone’s eye perspective using a tv monitor or DJI goggles. This unique look will enable us to both video your event and provide enjoyment to attendees during the drone flight.
Pricing is dependent upon your needs and location. Please click here for a free estimate.

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Compliment Your Photography or Videography Business

UpDown Drone can compliment any photography or videography business by providing drone flying services to filmmakers and photographers. We are happy to do the paperwork and provide the drone operators and equipment necessary to allow you to get the perfect shot. Contact us today and find out if our services fit with your drone photography needs.

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Share Natural Beauty

Gain a new look at your pet or working animal through drone photography. UpDown Drone takes noninvasive, respectful photographs of your favorite pets or farm animals to share with friends and customers. Whether you have a winery with farm dogs or keep racehorses or raise prize goats, animal drone photography can help you fill out your portfolios, scrapbooks, and more

We can take action shots of your pet or working animal in the outdoors, on the racetrack and more. Simply tell us your need and we will work within local regulations to take the perfect shot of your animal.

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Up Down Drone

Our passion is capturing your vision with drone photography and videography. We do business the right way, respectfully following all rules of any area which we are overflying, and with full licensing and insurance in place. Contact us today to gain access to this exciting and rapidly evolving technology!

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